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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Learning Target 

  • Use proportional reasoning to solve equations.

Defintion(you'll need to no this to understand my scribe post)

  • Proportion-an equation that states that two ratios are equal
  • Lesson

You can use proportions to help your self solve algebraic equations.Here is an example:

4/8=1/2 or 4:8=1:2 an algebraic equation could be 1/2=x/8. to find what x equals you can use these steps:

  1. divide 8 by 2 which would equal 4,
  2. Next since your answer is 4 multiply 4 time 1which equals 4,
  3. So x equals four.

Anothere way to solve it is cross multiplication:

  • 3/4=x/12, the first step is to multiply the numberdiagonal from it 3*12=36 4*x=36,
  • to get x you simply divide 36 by 4 which equals 9.

Quick Tips

  • Proprtion compares ratios
  • A proportion always has an equal sign


link number 1

link number 2








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Friday, March 23, 2007

Metric Convertions

This way of measuring is all based of tens, because humans(or most of them) have ten fingers. Learning the metric system and how to make convertions will be much easier if you can understand these pre-fixes.

  1.  Mili=thousandth
  2. Centi=hundredth
  3. deci=tenth
  4. Kilo= one thousand


  • Milimeter to centimeter you have to divide by ten.
  • From centimeter to decimeter you have to divide by ten.
  • To get from decimeter to meter yo have to divide by ten.
  • To get from meter to kilometer you have to divide by one thousand.

   You divide by ten to get the larger unit because ten of the samler units are as big as the larger units. For example 10 milimeters are the same as one centimeter. It is a whole different story because you are skipping two units in between the meter and kilometer.

   The convertion rule is true with all the other measurements, millliters and liters, killograms and grams, that is why its a whole lot easier if you remember the prefixes.

   If you dont understand what I mean here are some pretty good site:

Click here!

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Canada Lynx


Disapering Act



defaultOn The left is the linx on the right is the bobcat.



  • As i said before the snoeshoe hare is the Lynx's favorite food, but Lynx's will also eat red squirrel, other small mamals and small birds. since the Lynx isn't a very fast runner it uses stealth and and stalks its prey. For example the will atack prey by jumping out and attacking behind a bush.


  • Lynx's are able to breed at one year of age, they amy do so if there are enough hares around or they may wait untill the second day. The mating time for the Canada Lynx is January thourh February. After two Lynxs have mated they go there on ways. The male Lynx takes no part in helping the young. When 60-65 days of mating have passed the kitts are born. They female will give birth to 1-4 kits, and all kits are blind untill about 8-10 days.

Fast Facts

  • The Lynx's territory can be 56-94 square miles if it is a male and 20-54 if it is a female. the territorie often overlap.
  • On avverage a Lynx eats about 150-200 snoeshoe hares a yera.
  • Lynx's are very solitary and avoid contact with people.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Finding the Least Common Multiple Scribe Post

Today's Learning Target

  • Finding the least common factor.


  • In order to even understand what I'm talking about you must know the vocabulary i"m going to use.
  • Multiple- the product of a quantity by an integer;  for example "36 is a multiple of 9.


  • There are a wide viarety of ways to use a multiple. The one I'm about to tell you uses a list.
  • The first step to finding the least common multiple using a list is to orde the multiple of the numbers you want to find the least common number out of.
  • Next is to cicrle the numbers that common in all the list that you made.
  • The lowest number that is in both list is the least common multiple.


  • Lets do 8 and 16. 
  • 8: 8,16,24,32,40,48,56,72,                  16:16,32,48,60,72,84,96
  • The common factors between those numbers are 16,32,48,and 72.
  • the lowest number is 16 so 16 is the least common factor.

If you want another way to do this "click me"

If you just want more general math knowledge "click me"




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Monday, October 23, 2006

Scribe Post #2


Scribe Post #2

Today's Target

  • Finding the circumference of a circle

Example problem 

  • If the diameter of a circle is 5cm, then you have to multiply it times pi. The answer would be 15.7. 


  • In order to find pi, you have to multiply the diameter times pi.
  • In order to remember how to get the answer you should remember this equation, d=diameter c=circumference p=pi, c=dp or c=d*p.

Math Circumference



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