Express ratios and rates in fraction for.

 A ratio is a comparison of two #'s by division. A common way of expressing a ratio is as a fraction in simplest form.  Fro ex.  6/20=3/10.  divide both the 6 and 3 and 20 and 10 by 2.

Lesson:  When it comes down to ratios you could be using fractions, or maybe even decimals.  You might even be writing it like this 4:5 or maybe even 4 out of 5.  It may be different everytime. A rate is a rario of wo measurements having different kids of units. When a rate is simplified so taht it has a denominator of 1, it is called a unit rate.  An example of a unit rate is $4 per pound, which means $4 per 1 pound. 


Find the unit rate

45miles/6hours= 16.5miles/2hours


I couldnt find any photos.  Sorry.






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Learning target

Creating a tessallation.



           This is an example of a semi regular tessallation.  A semi regular tessallation is a tessallation made up with more than one type of polygon and has the same arrangement at every vertex.


           Now this is an example of tranlational symmetry.  Translational symmetry is when every point is moved the same distance and the same time.  There is also rotational symmetry which is when something is rotated about a fixed point. 




And the last one is reflective symmetry which is when you reflect a shape from one side to the other.



If u want more info go to this website or this blog entry.





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The Giant Panda

What is a Giant Panda?

       A Giant Panda is a black and white fured mammel and is part of the bear family.  Pandas live in forests, with elevations between 5,000 and 10,000 feet.  Also in the central parts of China they receive 30 to 40 inches of snow and rain a year and this helps the pandas drink.


What do they eat?

        The pandas main food is baboon, but ocasionally they may eat honey, eggs, yams and fish.  In zoo's pandas eat bamboo, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots and more.

How big are they?

         Panda's are 2 to 3 feet at the shouder and are as big as a black bear.  They reach 4 to 6 feet long.  Males are larger then females, weighing 250 in the wild, but females rarly reach 220 pounds.                                      

What do they do while living in the wild?

         A wild panda spends most of the day feeding, resting and hunting for food.  They dont hibernate, but lately scinetists thought that the Giant Panda spents most of their day, living their lives alone with males and females only at some parts of the year.          

Where do Panda's get their water?        

           Wild Panda's get much of their water from bamboo, but giant panda's need more water then what bamboo holds itself.  Also panda's get water from river and streams that the snowfalls give them. 

What is the Climate like where they live?

           The climate in Central China is hot and humid.  The tempeture gets to about 80' to 90', but in the north, when winter comes is very chilly and has a tempeture below freezing.  

How does a panda eat? Sitting up right?

                Panda's eat while sitting up right, in the pose that humans sit on the floor.  Their front paws have the right to grab the bamboo stem with the help of the "pseudo thumb."  Also they use there powerful teeth to crush the bamboo stem.                 

How long are pandas Expected to live?         

                Panda's are likely to live to the age of 35.  Also scientists arent sure how long Panda's will live in the wild, but they are pretty sure the lifespan is shorter and that the lifespan is longer for the panda's in the zoo because they have more help.

Other types of Panda's

           Some other types of panda's are the Red panda the Qinling panda. The qinling panda a subspecies of the Giant Panda, named in 2005.

About how many more are living right now?

            The panda is listed a endangered animal because there are not that many living in this world.  Scientist are trying to figure out when they will be extinced and how many are left living.  They prediced around 1,600 left in the wild and about 160 in zoo's mostly in China.

If you would like more information or more pictures here they are.



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Scribe post #2

Learning Target

Finding the circumference of a circle





If you divide the ratio by the diameter then you get the circumference.




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The Lion grows to be 6 feet long and weigh 420 pounds.


They hunt antelopes, zebras, warthoges, wildebeets, and any meats.


Lions enemies are humans.


1. Lions live up to 15 years in the wild.

2.  The scientific name for lion is "Panthera leo."

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